Dec 07 2014

Body Language: The Ultimate Body Language Guide to Knowing When People Are Lying and How They Are Feeling (Body…

Body Language

The Ultimate Body Language Guide to Knowing When People Are Lying and How They Are Feeling

Are you getting a strange vibe from your significant other? Are you unable to explain why you think you’re in trouble at work? Do you feel like you’re missing out on much of what people are saying to you, because something doesn’t feel right?

If so, this is the book for you. You don’t want to be taken off guard when someone says things are good, even though they aren’t.

Studies have consistently shown that more than ninety percent of communication is non-verbal. In addition to what people are saying, they convey much of what they are feeling through subtle (and sometimes not very subtle) gestures, movements and tone changes. Experts in this field of study help sales reps close deals, lawyers pick juries and relationship counselors with their clients.

You don’t need to rely on the experts to determine if a person is deceiving you. Understanding body language and the many non-verbal clues people give off will enable you to read between the lines of what people are saying and get to the heart of what they are feeling. In this guide, readers will discover how to effectively read people all around them.

Among the things readers will learn are:

  • What a person’s posture suggests about their state of mind
  • How to identify tells from gestures, motions and other body signals
  • How to hear non-verbal speech patterns such as tone and pace
  • Which eye movements suggest deception and which indicate thoughtfulness

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Dec 07 2014

Something under the Bed! (Monster Bites Series Book 1)

Stavroula's mother remarries and she gets a new stepfather. Everything is going great until they all move in together. What's that noise in the hall?

A Tasty Halloween Treat! Satisfy your monster cravings this Halloween with a perfect bite-sized monster tail -er - I mean tale.
You can't always judge a monster by its cover/fur/fangs/ scales/wings/horns...well, you get my point.
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Dec 07 2014

7 Day Clutter Free Guide – A Beginner’s Guide To Becoming De-Cluttered In 7 Days For Disorganized People (Quick…

Quick and Easy Guide To Have A Clean Home And Environment

7 Day Cleaning Free Guide

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Everybody wants a clean Who doesn't want to come home to a clean, fresh, and organized house. It relaxes you, puts you at ease, gives you a clear perspective on things. Nobody wants clutter, and yet we all seem to come to a point where there's just too much of it that you don't know where and how to start cleaning. If too much clutter bothers you—you are not alone. I've gone through this myself, and it came to a point where I started thinking, “I'm moving out. I can't fix this.” Of course, I didn't move out, but the fact that I even got to that point means the clutter was way beyond neck-deep. It was then that I sat down and thought hard about what I should do.

7 Reasons To Buy This Book

  • To Learn More About De- Cluttering

  • To Guide You in Every Ways to Have An Organized Living

  • To Apply The Effective Tips To De-Clutter

  • To Learn More Ideas In Organizing

  • To Have a Clean And Fresh Home

  • To Motivate Your Self And Start De- Cluttering

  • To Discover The Benefits To Have A Clean Home

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • The Cleaning Guide Purposes

  • Organizing And Cleaning

  • Motivating Yourself

  • Easy And Fast Ways To De-Clutter

  • Clean And Organized Home

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Dec 07 2014

The Mystery of Sound: A Short Story

Dec 07 2014

Christmas with Jacky Waterman (a short story) (The Watermen Series Book 1)

Note: A Solstice with Jacky Waterman is a 5000-word short story. This sweet fantasy takes less than an hour to read, so you can enjoy a quick escape with your coffee, over lunch, or before you fall asleep. Free with Kindle Unlimited Subscription!

Ten years ago, Sirena left her family, her way of life, and her crown. Now, she wants to go back. But what if the prince is still waiting for her?

The king dispatched him to bring her home, but J.W. didn't plan to fall for her. If he lets her go, it might start a war. If she returns home, though, she might start one.
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Release date October 31, 2014.

Dec 07 2014

Her Highlander’s Promise

About to turn eighteen, and in accordance with her father’s deathbed decree, Laurel MacClay prepares to take her place as lairdess of her beloved Highland clan, but her guardians—her father’s cousin and his vindictive, power-hungry wife— have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their son and a devious plot that puts Laurel in danger.

Refusing to accept that fate has condemned her to a life of misery, Laurel finds new hope when she reunites with Blair Cameron, a handsome young Highlander who when they were children promised to marry her as soon as they came of age. Can Blair help Laurel unravel a mystery from the past, secrets that could stop the wedding, or will she find herself wed to her arrogant, weak-willed cousin, a spineless man who refuses to defy his mother?

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Dec 07 2014

The Subjunctive Mood

The Subjunctive Mood (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Ingela Bohm

Worn-out teacher Jack has just about had it with this life. But just when he's ready to give in, cute temp Alexander unexpectedly helps with his class. Is the man just abnormally altruistic, or is there something else going on here? As the lesson progresses, Jack's barricades slowly crumble. Even as he struggles to retain control over the class, he's losing it over his heart.
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Dec 07 2014

Honey: The Ultimate Honey Cure: 31 Amazing Health Benefits secrets and uses of honey natural cures revealed (…

Looking for Natural Cures? Discover all of the Secret Benefits of Honey and its Incredible Natural Healing Powers!

With this Ultimate Guide to Honey you'll find 31 Amazing natural remedies and benefits of Honey that will easily transform yourself into a more energized, better looking and healthier you!

Honey is a completely natural food. It is actually the only food that does not spoil and is super easy to keep on hand for everyday use. It is one of the ancient clean eating foods that remained unchanged in terms of production and has a long listed secret history of curing common ailments such as cough & cold, sore throat, skin conditions, allergies, anemia and much more!

Inside You'll Learn:

  • How honey can be used to torch the fat off naturally and easily
  • How honey can improve your overall health and vitality
  • How honey can restore your natural beauty and age prevention!

Why honey is one of the best skin care books you'll find

  • Are you tired of having chronic fatigue all of the time?
  • Are you tired of struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective all-natural beauty treatment without nasty side-effects?

If you really want to create a healthier, more energized and better body and mind then choosing these ultimate honey cures is your solution!

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Dec 07 2014

In Love with Santa

In Love with Santa (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Jennifer Conner

Two sexy holiday stories for the price of one! For those who want a sexy Santa for Christmas.

The last thing Nadia expects to find while doing a Christmas cater is Santa with a concussion in the office kitchen. After bringing him home to care for him, Nadia finds that there’s nothing on Sean Murphy that shakes like a bowl of jelly… in fact, he’s pretty much rock hard.

Nadia has spent too much time getting over her ex and working herself into the ground. What she needs is a hot fling with a six-foot three Christmas package named Sean.

But when Sean becomes serious, Nadia wonders if she has enough time for work and play? Sean must convince her to put him on her Christmas list with one sexy encounter at a time.

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Dec 07 2014

Brains and Computers: Amino Acids versus Transistors

The once startling assertion that artificial intelligence will surpass and possibly replace human intelligence has become a cliché. But writers who predict or lament this outcome by extrapolating technological advances into the future consistently neglect to "run the numbers" for a side-by-side comparison of digital with biological intelligence. "Brains and Computers" guides readers step-by-step through the digital components and processes that constitute the World Wide Web and then through the biological components and processes that constitute the human brain. See for yourself what differentiates brains from computers and ponder what that implies for both artificial and human intelligence. "Brains and Computers", despite referencing some very large numbers, requires neither mathematical nor scientific expertise and can be read in half an hour.
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Dec 07 2014

ADDICTION CURE : The Ultimate Guide To Overcome Any Addiciton Forever

(Addiction cure , the ultimate guide to overcome any addiction forever)

Addiction has become a plague in society in its different types (alcohol addiction, gambling
addiction, drug addiction etc.), and a lot of people suffer from one or more types of addictions that destroy their lives physically, mentally and financially.
In this book you will learn the different forms of addiction, the best ways to treat any addiction, and you will learn how to get help with your addiction to free yourself and be able to take control of your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • Addiction definition
  • Understanding addiction
  • Stopping addiction in its track
  • Treating addiction
  • Getting help for addiction
  • Much, much more!

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Dec 07 2014

Boxed Set: The Ink Series Volume 1-5

**Warning Not suitable for anyone under 18!***

She doesn't know why bad feels so good...

What seems like out of nowhere, Hope Zigler’s life has transformed: the normal Georgia life of an aspiring singer and student is now turned upside down when she moves away with her dad to Cherry California, and California is truly bizarre. Her heart tells her she can adjust, while her head begs for her old life back.
Suddenly she's a misfit in a town of rich snobs and cruel teens. After almost being killed at a rock concert, she's dying to find out more about the guy who saved he trouble? Is Hope in over her head?

Slade Andrews, the tattooed bad boy and lead singer of the Evil Kings of Ink, is haunted by his past. When Hope moves to town, Slade is strangely drawn to her and determined to prove he is not the guy the town paints him to be.

In a town full of lies, one secret could change everything.

The Ink series: Your next book boyfriend!
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Dec 07 2014

Crimson China

Crimson China (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Betsy Tobin

‘This fine novel grows in pace and power, propelled not only by its social conscience but also a vividly drawn cast and a gradually building sense of jeopardy as the snakeheads close in.’ Daily Mail

‘Tobin knows how to spin a tale and keep the pages turning.’ Independent

‘Deftly conveyed, at a rattling pace that keeps the pages turning.’ The Times

‘Satisfyingly complex…the stories of all the nation’s illegal immigrants are somehow illuminated.’ Sunday Times

‘Unbearably tense…Crimson China has lots to say about the trade-off between need and exploitation, and the way love can erode cultural difference.’ Guardian

‘Crimson China…is fast becoming Tobin’s breakout novel.’ Evening Standard

On a freezing night in February, a woman wades into the waters of Morecambe Bay in a drunken bid to commit suicide. Braced for death, she finds herself instead saving a man’s life: a young Chinese cockle picker, one of the only survivors of a tragic mass drowning. For Wen – now missing, presumed dead – Angie provides an unexpected sanctuary. They share neither language nor experience, but she agrees to let him stay with her and ‘disappear’. Soon their unlikely pairing blossoms into something darkly passionate.

But Wen’s past soon catches up with him, for he is still in debt to the snakeheads who brought him out of China. Crimson China is a novel that traps the reader at the outset, shining a light on a dangerous hidden world that runs in parallel to our own.
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Dec 07 2014

Stay With Me

Stay With Me (Kindle Edition)

By (author): Kira Hawke

Logan Woods just survived an attempted murder. Maybe. Left for dead in the sketchiest part of town, Logan has no idea how much time he has left. But through this disaster forms an unlikely friendship that might be worth living for.
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